Conference: Saaremaa and Bornholm

Conference: Saaremaa and Bornholm

Historie/Kulturhistorie, FamilievenligSvanekeLørdag 24. september
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- from Baltic Bridge times to new look ahead

Dette event er en del af Saaremaar kulturfestival i Bornholms Kulturuge 2022.

Saaremaa Culture Festival on Bornholm is dedicated to celebrating 30 years of cooperation between our two islands. In 1990-es the cooperation was very active and named ”Baltic Bridge”. Thousands of people from Saaremaa came to Bornholm to study a proffession or democratic lifestyle. Exchange students went to school here for a year. Numerous culture projects were conducted between the islands. By the year 2000 it all slowed down and finally ended. Now, that we have had time to give it all a meaning, people in Saaremaa feel sincerely thankful for the helping hand that Bornholm gave us at the moment, when we needed it the most. With this conference we want to:

  • Look back at Baltick Bridge movement. Premier a book written about it by Peter Kyhn. Thank the former leaders of BB.
  • Introduce, what Saaremaa is today: our economy, lifestyle, things to see and experience
  • Think about restablishing active connections between our two islands and discuss some possible ways to cooperate in the future.

The conference will be held in English with some partial translation to Danish and Estonian. All people relating to Baltic Bridge and ones interested in cooperation with Saaremaa are very welcome to participate!


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Lørdag 24. september


11.00 - 14.00




Historie/Kulturhistorie, Familievenlig